Hello Little Gems!

Hello Little Gems!

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Good Morning Parents and Little Gems, and welcome to our new Nursery Blog!

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Hello, my name is Mrs Regan and I am the Nursery Year Group Leader. I am very much looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you all.

This year we will not be conducting our usual home visits in September, so instead Miss Graham will be calling you this week to introduce herself and to go through our ‘Home Visit’ checklist. Please be aware that she will be calling from a withheld/private number, so please do pick up if you see this!

In the meantime, please do send in your child’s photo for their peg and if you have any questions please feel free to email office@heaversfarm.croydon.sch.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers for you to read…

What should my child wear?

The school uniform policy has been suspended until January to enable you to wash the clothes frequently, lowering the risk of any transmission, so your child will be wearing home clothes. At Nursery we are very active with our play both inside and out so wearing jogging bottoms and trainers (no laces) will enable your child to join in with all of the activities.

What should be in the ‘spare clothes bag’?

We must have a spare change of clothes on your child’s peg at all times. This enables us to support your child if they have an accident or if they get wet or muddy from playing outside. Please include: socks, trousers, underwear and a top. If your child need’s to be changed, you will be informed and asked to bring a new set of clothes the following day.

If my child needs medication what happens?

Please complete the medical form in your induction pack or request a new copy from the office and return back to the Nursery or the office as soon as possible. This will need to be done for any medication that will need to be taken during the Nursery session, for example an asthma inhaler.

What can my child eat for lunch?

If your child attends Nursery full-time, there is a choice of having a hot school lunch or a packed lunch. A school lunch menu can be found on the school blog so you can decide with your child prior to coming to school. Once arrived please inform a member of the Nursery staff if your child is having school lunch or packed lunch. Any dietary needs will need to be known in advance to ensure we can accommodate it. Please be aware hot school lunches will need to be paid for in advance via your parent pay account.

What is parent share and what is it for?

In Nursery we use an app called 2Simple, we use this to record observations of what the children are learning and doing. Parent share enables us to share what your child has been learning about at nursery to you at home via email. We aim to send out a ‘report’ every half term containing pictures and descriptions of what your child has been doing. For GDPR reasons we need your consent to send your child’s picture on these reports accompanied by their initials. These pictures may be sent to more than one parent/family as the observation may involve more than one child.

What will my child be learning?

In Nursery we teach a wide and varied curriculum based upon the children’s interests. We use the Early Years Framework to assess where the children are and use this to make next steps. Our Nursery timetable and environment is designed to enable the children to become independent learners and to provide the opportunity for the children to learn and explore through play.

How do you ensure the safety of my child?

All Nursery staff hold a DBS check and a specific adult to child ratio is implemented to ensure a safe environment. If someone other than the ‘allocated’ adult is collecting your child, please inform a member of the Nursery staff as soon as possible, so this can be recorded in the ‘parent contact book’. If someone arrives to collect your child without advance notice, we will not allow the child to leave until we receive further consent from you. For further details please see the school’s policy for safeguarding.

School Meals

School Meals

All school meals are prepared fresh daily on site by our own in-house caterers. Lunchtime for full time nursery children runs from 11.30am until 12.30pm.

Nursery children who are full time have their lunch within the nursery. They have their own lunch time supervisor who assists the children with their food.


Fresh fruit or vegetables are provided to the children within their class and shared areas. Children are encouraged to be independent and help themselves.


It is very important that children stay hydrated. All children must have their own water bottle. Please ensure it is clearly marked with your child’s name. Water bottles can be refilled with fresh filtered water throughout the day.

School Lunch

The children will have a choice of either a meat dish, vegetarian dish or a jacket potato accompanied with side dishes and salad. Children have a choice of 4 desserts comprising of fruit, pudding, homemade yogurt or cheese and crackers (please note we will not allow a child to have a jacket potato every day). The menu is rotated every 3 weeks and the current menu can be downloaded and viewed above, (when available). We provide unlimited milk and water with every meal (whether it is a school lunch or packed lunch).

Lunch for nursery children cost £2.30 per day. This can be paid daily, weekly, monthly or termly through our online payment service Parentpay. Usernames and passwords will be issued to all parents prior to the start of term.

Packed Lunch

Your child may bring into school a packed lunch from home.  Please prepare all food so that it is ready for your child to eat (peel oranges for example).  Please do not include nuts or nut products such as peanut butter sandwiches,  (we are a nut free school due to some children having serve allergies to nuts), or sweets.  Please ensure that your child’s lunchbox is clearly marked with your child’s name. (There are no cooling facilities for the packed lunches so please think carefully as to what to give your child and include a ‘freezer pack’ in the lunchbox if necessary). For further guidance please see our Packed Lunch Policy

Free School Meals

Free school meals are available to pupils based on the following benefits:

  • Universal Credit (provided you have an annual net earned income of no more than £7,400, as assessed by earnings from up to three of your most recent assessment periods)
  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • The guarantee element of Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit (provided you’re not also entitled to Working Tax Credit and have an annual gross income of no more than £16,190)
  • Working Tax Credit run-on – paid for four weeks after you stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit

If you are in receipt of any of the benefits listed above and you apply for free school meals, our school will receive a Pupil Premium grant to support your child’s education. The grant is currently £1345 per eligible primary pupil.

For more information, please follow the link below:


Paper mache fun

Paper mache fun

Today we have been elbow deep in paper mache, wow what fun we had making a start on something special for Easter.  We will continue to work on these over the next few days.

We learnt about the letter P and the sound it makes, we listened to some of our favourite phonics songs and we played a game guessing which objects started with the ‘p’ sound, we were able to guess peanuts, princess, pirate, pig, pen, pencil and some children even came up with there own ideas such as paintbrush and playground, I was really impressed.

We had lots of fun playing outside and luckily even though it looked quite cloudy the rain held off so we enjoyed the afternoon outside playing on the bikes, with the bricks and the climbing frame.

Settling in dates have changed!

Settling in dates have changed!

Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope you are all well and are looking forward to the summer holidays before joining us in September.

We have received feedback from many parents to say that they will find it difficult to manage such a protracted start for their children going our Nursery. We value this feedback and would like to support our families as best we can.

We have also reviewed the latest government guidance and are unable to safely admit parents into our Nursery bubble and keep all of our children and their families, as well as our staff safe.

Therefore our normal Nursery timetable will start on Monday 14th September.

The settling in timetable now looks like this…

Half Day Sessions

Monday 7th to Friday 11th September 8:30 – 11:30

Normal Nursery timetable Beginning Monday 14th September

AM session 8:30 – 11:30

Full time 8:30 – 14:45

If you are worried about the impact of these changes on your child, please speak to your child’s Nursery Teacher. We will agree a plan together that will ensure the needs of your child are met.

Best wishes, Mrs Regan (Fox Cubs) and Miss Graham (Little Gems)

Nursery School Uniform

Nursery School Uniform

For the start of term in September 2020, if you have not already done so you do not need to buy any uniform. We are asking that children wear their own clothes for the whole of the Autumn Term. This is to enable parents to wash their children’s clothes as often as possible in order to reduce the risk of cross-infection during the Covid19 pandemic.
The school’s uniform policy will be reinstated on the 5th January 2021.
School Uniform is available to purchase online from http://www.wovina.com
Uniform ordered direct from Wovina will be delivered to your home.
Orders over £30 will be sent free post. A Charge of £2.50 will be added to all orders under £30.
Reception Uniform (Compulsory)

Tracksuit £20.00                                                          White Polo Shirt (from any supermarket)

Book bag £4.50                                                           Book Bag with Strap £6.50

Black Velcro Plimsols or Trainers. Please no laces   Wellington Boots to be kept in school
Please provide your child with a water bottle with their name on. This can be refilled throughout the day
Additional items which you can purchase

Soft Shell Jacket £23.00                                          School Jacket £20.50

Rucksack £14.40                                                    Gym Sac £3.85
Uniform labels are provided free of charge as a welcome gift from us to you. Please ensure you label all uniform and belongings. If you wish to purchase additional labels they can be purchased through Wovina.
Please ensure a spare set of clothing is kept in school at all times in the case of any accidents.